Launch of Sanitation Park at Fiji School of Medicine
The International Year of Sanitation 2008, prompted partners working in the area of water supply, sanitation and hygiene activities in the Pacific FSMregion to come together to raise the profile of sanitation. As part of efforts taken to promote safe sanitation and hygienic practices, the Fiji School of Medicine has launched the Sanitation Park with renewed efforts along with its’ Pacific WASH Coalition partners. The Sanitation Park Project was designed to provide support to communities and health workers in Fiji and the Pacific region to identify and address their sanitation problems. The Park, is located at the Fiji School of Medicine, Tamavua Campus in Suva and can be visited by anyone with an interest in appropriate onsite sanitation technologies.

The Sanitation Park was initially launched in late 2004 with funding from New Zealand Agency for International Development. It is envisaged that the Park would be utilized to a greater extent through the Coalition members as a teaching tool and allow further dissemination of knowledge on affordable sanitation technologies in Fiji and the region. An Open Day was organized by Fiji School of Medicine on 6 August 2008, to introduce members of the Pacific WASH Coalition to the Park and allow on-going collaboration to be strengthened in the area of sanitation.

For more information on the Launch of Sanitation Park Project, please contact:

Keshwa Nand
Department of Public Health and Primary Care (DPHPC)
Fiji School of Medicine
Email: [email protected]
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