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Launching Sustainable Coastal Development Policy in Niue 30 July, 2008 The Government of Niue recently approved its first Sustainable Coastal Development Policy, launched by the Acting Premier Honourable Pokotoa Sipeli in Alofi on July 30 2008.

While launching the Policy the Acting Premier called on ‘all sectors including the private sector and the community, as well as ministries and departments to incorporate relevant areas of the policy into their sector plans as well as into their annual work programmes for implementation’.

Following the devastating impact of Cyclone Heta on the small island country, the Government of Niue requested assistance from SOPAC through EU funding designed to reduce the vulnerability of Pacific Island Countries. Cyclone damage to the coast was assessed and this has led to the development of the Sustainable Coastal Development Policy.

The damage sustained during Cyclone Heta and earlier cyclones demonstrates the need for established strategies and conditions to protect the people of Niue and their livelihoods, specifically on the coastal areas. The policy defines the scope of Niue’s coast and has a vision for ‘A Safe, Productive and Sustainable Coastal Environment for Niue: Ko e takatakai kaukau tahi haohao mitaki, olatia mo e aoga mau ma Niue’.

The Policy also sets out approaches to coastal management that aim to sustain coastal benefits through integrated coastal area management and development; reduce disaster risks to coastal development and for the people of Niue and promote proactive and co-operative governance.

Download the Niue Sustainable Coastal Development Policy:

For further information on Niue Coastal Policy please contact:

Mr Deve Talagi
Director of Works
Government of Niue
Alofi, Niue
Email: [email protected]

Netatua Pelesikoti
Sustainable Development
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