Pacific Integrated Water Resources Management Workshop - 2008
Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) National Planning Programme

IWRM Planning Meeting, Niue, 21-22 July 2008

  1. To provide an update to GEF IWRM Focal Points on the GEF Submission
  2. To discuss project management arrangements including recruitment for the GEF Project
  3. To determine and agree on deadlines for various deliverables required for full implementation
  4. To improve understanding of IWRM as an approach to national water resources management planning
  5. To review country progress towards IWRM planning
  6. To create outline national work plans for development of national IWRM Plans clearly defining and committing to immediate steps for action to be undertaken before the end of 2008
  7. To outline resources available to support the national IWRM planning processes and how the EU funded programme can complements these resources to catalyse action
  8. To promote and plan for means of exchange between Pacific Island countries of lessons learned in water resources planning
  9. To build the capacity of participants to initiate the development of IWRM plans in their respective countries
  10. To build the capacity of participants to facilitate meeting working sessions on IWRM related topics in their respective countries
  1. Agreed process and deadlines for initiation of GEF IWRM project implementation
  2. First outlines for process to develop IWRM plans in each participating country
  3. Detailed plan for initialising the IWRM plan development process in each country
  4. Meeting report
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